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개인정보 보호 방침

This website, which is operated by Minamishimabara City (hereafter, “this organization”), sets out a privacy policy that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and which aims to protect the privacy of users of this website (hereafter, “users”).
This policy explains how users' personal information is handled.
By accepting the use of cookies in line with this policy, a user is considered to have consented to the use of cookies when accessing these contents.
Please do not click “accept” if you do not wish to have your personal information used in the manner described in this policy.
In this case, you may not be able to access or use all/part of the functionality of this service.
2.Collection and use of personal information
This organization collects and makes use of personal information required to provide proper services and products to users for the purposes outlined below.
  • Collection of personal information
    1. Information from Analytical cookies on IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, computer, etc. Information about accessing/using this website, including access point, duration of stay, page views, website navigation pass, etc.
    2. Location information provided by GPS as part of using this service
  • Use of personal information
    1. To provide proper services and products to users
    2. Data analysis for future improvements
3.Regarding the sharing of personal information
This organization will share personal information with subcontractors of our choice, with auditors who make a legal request and with administrative regulatory bodies, etc.
This website protects users' personal information by implementing appropriate systemic and technical security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss or tampering of personal data. Access rights to personal data will only be provided to employees with a need to access it and to subcontractors selected by this organization. Such individuals are bound to comply with secrecy obligations by their employment contract or other (data processing) contract.
5.Retention period
We retain the minimum amount of personal data required to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, except in the case of a legal request.
6.Legal compliance and security
We may have to disclose our customer's personal information due to laws, legal procedures, lawsuits and/or requests made by public bodies or government agencies within or outside the country of residence of a user of this website.
This organization may disclose users' information if we deem it appropriate/necessary to do so for reasons of national security, law enforcement or any other important social matter.
7.Regarding cookies
This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information that identifies your computer and is stored on your hard disk by a web server that sends information about your visit to this website via your browser. It is a globally recognized technology.
  • Google Analytics
    This website uses Google Analytics as a tool to assess how our content is being used.
    We use cookies provided by Google Analytics. However, Google Analytics does not collect personally identifying information.
    Data collected when using Google Analytics is managed under Google's privacy policy.
    Please see Google Analytics' website for their terms of service and privacy policy.
    Google Analytics Terms of Service
    This company takes no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of Google Analytics services.
  • Google Maps
    This website uses Google Maps as a tool for location-based services.
    Cookies used by Google Maps are only in use on pages where Google Maps is displayed.
    For details of cookie processes, please refer to Google's policies in their terms of service.
    Google's policy and terms
8.Rights of users of this website
Users have the following rights in relation to their own personal data that has been collected and processed by this organization.
  • The right to request access to personal data that is in the possession of this organization.
  • The right to request that personal data that is in the possession of this organization be amended or deleted.
Unless there is a reasonable and unavoidable reason, this organization will always accept objections by users and cease processing their personal data.
Should a user be dissatisfied with how this organization responds to their request, or there is a complaint about how this organization processes the user's personal information, the user may submit a complaint to the data protection supervisory authorities.
9.Revisions to this policy
This organization may at any time amend or revise this policy. Changes to this policy come into effect as soon as the revised policy is posted. If this organization makes a change which it considers important, we will inform users to the extent possible via our website and, if necessary, request users' consent.
10.Inquiries regarding this policy.
Group name: Minamishimabara City
Address: 96-2, Nishiariecho Satobo, Minamishimabara-shi, Nagasaki
Tel: 0957-73-6632
E-mail: kankou@city.minamishimabara.lg.jp